QRame (QRevint Adcp Massive Extraction)

QRame is a INRAE free open-access software for applying QRevInt automated filters and post-processing to a large ADCP dataset. Among other things, it enables you to apply the statistical procedures and recommended tests for intercomparisons.

The source code is available on GitLab: https://gitlab.irstea.fr/blaise.calmel/qrame

Version/Date Changes

30 may 2024

  • Rename/update/delete a measurement by right-clicking on its name
  • Add checkboxes to plot the distribution as violins and indicate the number of repetitions
  • Fixed bugs when importing spreadsheets

22 apr. 2024

  • Intercomparison menu: LOWESS correction added for intercomparisons with discharge instabilities
  • Import results: Added possibility to import spreadsheets (.odt, .csv, .xlsx)
  • Options : Add option to force GPS reference if available

10 jan. 2024

  • Extract ADCP data from raw files (*.mat, *.mmt, *QRev_mat)
  • Compute intercomparison uncertainty (one or two factor)
  • Generate and save graphics
  • Double-click to update data